Air Vigilance, to the III International Film Festival Lima Independiente

Video-Derives: Air Vigilance, my latest movie, will be showing at the III Festival de Cine Lima Independiente.

It will be in an international section called ‘Objects. First day on Earth’, and there will  be three screenings.

This is the full program of the section:

– INSIGHT, de Sebastian Díaz Morales. Argentina, 2012.
– IN MY ROOM, de Chance Taylor. Canadá, 2012.
– MI IDEOLOGÍA, de Luis E. Parés. España, 2013.
– DAD´S STICK, de John Smith. UK, 2012.

– LAS VARIACIONES SCHWITTERS, de Alberto Cabrera Bernal. España, 2012.
– LOOK INSIDE THE GHOST MACHINE, de Péter Lichter. Hungría, 2012.
– POINT DE GAZE, de Jodie Mack. EE.UU., 2012.
– SOU, de Tatsuto Kimura. Japón, 2012.

– LACK OF EVIDENCE (Manque de Preuves), de Hayoun Kwon. Francia, 2011.
– METROPOLITAN ARCHEOLOGY, de Gruppo Tökmag. Hungría, 2011
– VIDEO-DERIVES: AIR VIGILANCE, de Flavio G. García. España, 2013.
– POPPY FIELDS FOREVER, de John Warren. EEUU, 2011.

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