Upcoming screenings

Upcoming screenings of my movies ‘Video – derives: Sol’ and ‘Video – derives: Air vigilance’.

This time it will be in La Rambleta Espai d’Art i Experiències (Space for Art and Experiencies), in Valencia (Spain), on Friday the 19th of July, 22:30. It’s an open air screening. Entry fee is 3,50 Euros.

It’s part of the program ‘Spanish Revolution?’, curated by DOCMA, consisting of these movies:

‘Slaughtering the Pig’, by Isaki Lacuesta.

‘The Guernica variations’, by Guillermo G. Peydro.

‘Cherry Shaking time is comin’, by Jorge Tur.

‘January, 2012 or The Apotheosis of Isabel the Catholic’, by the collective Los Hijos.

‘The Monumental History of Contemporary Spain’, by David Varela.

‘Video – derives: Sol’, by Flavio G. García
‘Video – derives: Air vigilance’, by Flavio G. García.

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