The film magazine Caimán Cuadernos de Cine has included my short “Video – derives: Air vigilance” in a selection of the best shorts of the year.
Here’s the review of the short, by film critic Jara Yánez:
“The project “Video – derives” is born in 2011 with the movie “Sol” (shot during the demonstrations on the 15-M, where a reflexion about how the citizens registered the events was established), and it now grows with this wonderful “Air Vigilance” which, from the demos of may and September 2012 in Madrid, turns the view to the sky, to explore the air vigilance.
So the diptych may work as a shot/reverse shot, down to up, going from the power of the citizens to the power of the institutions, represented by an omnipresent helicopter. 
But this piece, independent from its predecessor, and through a fabulous sound work, proposes at the same time a trip through diverse film genres that, from the political reflexion, ends up in the analysis of the image itself.
It is in the step from day to night where the document surpasses its own status to turn into a horror film first, then a science fiction one, and, in the end, in a fascinating experimental piece that plays with the pure abstraction of the pixel.”
Jara Yánez, Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, February 2013.

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