editing with avid media composer, online summer workshop

Learn to edit your projects with Avid Media Composer, the software used by the best editors in the world.

  • Online Summer Workshop (Zoom).
  • July 11th to 15th, 2022.
  • 09:30 to 13:30 (Central European Time, Berlin). 20 hours.
  • In English.
  • Small group (maximum of 8 students).
  • Price: 195 Euros. The price includes access to a recording of the workshop, so you can review the lessons any time in the future.

I am a very experienced editing instructor, who started teaching post in 2005.

You can read reviews of my workshops here.

Continue reading, get informed, and reserve your spot soon!


In this workshop we start with Media Composer from scratch. You don’t need any previous experience.

We will focus on Media Composer as a craft editor, and you will learn with a great amount of detail how to manage your projects, import and organize footage, sync your external audio, and use the excellent editing tools to build and refine your movies.

The goal of the workshop is that you get confident with the editing tools, so you can focus on the creative side of the edit.

If you already know Media Composer, this workshop is a good opportunity to explore the tools (some of them new) and solve doubts. I train many Avid editors, and they always find new/better ways to do things.

We will also take a basic look to effects, audio, color, and tittles, but the main big topic of the course is the editing tools.

There is a reason why most movies and series are cut with Avid Media Composer.

You will understand if you join us.

how to install avid media composer

To do the workshop, you of course need to have Avid Media Composer installed and licensed in your computer.

If you don’t have it, you can install and use for free a fully functional 30 days demo of the program using this link. That is perfect to do the workshop.

If after that you wish to continue using Media Composer, Avid has great and affordable subscription plans, starting at 23 Euros/month. If you are a student or a teacher, you can get Media Composer for only 9 Euros/month.

So… Why should you learn Avid Media Composer?

Avid Media Composer is still the most used software in the higher end of the film industry. Most series and movies we see are cut on Avid.

Yes: some series and films are cut on Premiere, FCP X, and DaVinci Resolve, and as you can see here on my web-site, I also teach those programs.

Still, most high-end movies and shows are cut on Media Composer.

My students often ask me why, and the answer is not simple: to really understand why some editors and productions choose Avid Media Composer, you really need to dig into it, learn it, and see it for yourself.

Some reasons are: best in big projects with lots of media, fantastic media management, best trimming tools, best customization, best stability, best collaboration tools, and many other reasons…

Sadly, there’s not a lot of good Avid Media Composer training.

I started teaching Media Composer in 2005 to all kinds of students and professionals, and I know it takes time to learn it, but I can guarantee this: once you really find your way around it, cutting in Avid is such a joy!

I helped with this to many editors who came from other programs (Premiere, FCP, DaVinci Resolve), and after some adaptation, they fly in the Avid now.

I also trained many students who are now, today, editing film and tv-series all over the world, and working as assistant editors in big shows, including Netflix and HBO series.

If editing is really your thing, trust me, Avid Media Composer is one of your main tools, and you should train yourself, either with me, with the manual, or somewhere else.

But DO train yourself.

If you don’t train, and try to use Media Composer using your previous knowledge with other programs, you’re only going to get upset!

Choosing the right software/workshop depends on many factors: type of project, workflow, background experience and needs, budget, professional situation, etc..

If you need help deciding, drop me a line here: flavio@flaviofilms.com. I’m happy to help!

So, is Avid Media Composer for you?

Here are some situations where knowing Media Composer is a must:

  • If you are serious about editing, and wish to develop a career as a film-tv editor. In this case is very easy: you really need to know, and master, the Avid ways. No question!
  • If you aim for a position as an assistant editor in the high end of the industry. For the same reasons, assistant editors need to know the Avid, and master specially the technical side of it.
  • If you edit feature length projects, with lots of material.
  • If you edit in a team, with multiple editors working on the same project.
  • If you edit primarily fiction and documentary projects.

Can you do all this with other programs?

Yes, but Avid Media Composer is the software you’re going to find in most big productions.



To register, please click in the link below to fill the registration form:


Last edition of my Avid Media Composer Workshop in Berlin was sold-out. If you are interested, it’s best to reserve your seat soon.


I started teaching Avid in 2005, so you’re in good hands!

I’m an independent filmmaker, film professor, and editing and postproduction expert.

I have years of experience as an editing instructor.

I teach courses, workshops and seminars all over Europe, in film schools, festivals, production companies, and other institutions: DOCMA, FilmArche Berlin, ESDIP-Berlin, MIZ-Babelsberg, Master-LAV, DocumentaMadrid, and many others…

My teaching method is very practical, precise, and structured, and I also make sure things are exciting and fun!

I have postproduced and graded lots of film projects: La Piedra (Víctor Moreno), Freedom to Kill the Other’s Children (David Varela), Armenoscope (Silvina der Meguerditchian)…

My movies as director have been shown in more than 40 international film festivals and venues: Cineteca Matadero, MUSAC, Alcine, Pragda New York…



Users, projects, inter face, media ingest, organising your footage.

  • User profiles.
  • Projects and Settings.
  • Media Composer interface: workspaces, tabbed panels, customization.
  • Bin Container, Bins and folders.
  • Understanding Bins.
  • Sharing Bins across projects.
  • The Source Browser.
  • Media Ingest.
  • The Avid Media Files folder. Master Clips and Media Files.
  • Transcoding media. DNxHR codecs. Creating proxies.
  • Understanding the way Media Composer handles media.
  • Source Settings.
  • Frame Flex, reformat options.
  • Color Management: installing and applying LUT’s, ACES workflow.
  • Waveform based video and audio sync.
  • Playback keyboard commands.
  • Organizing your footage in a film project.
  • Classic Bin structure.
  • Logging footage.
  • Rename, sub-clip, adding metadata and comments.
  • Markers. Markers Tool.
  • Search tools.


Editing I

  • Creating and organizing sequences.
  • 3 point editing.
  • Track destinations.
  • Overwrite.
  • Splice-in.
  • The Track Panel. Performing video and audio edits.
  • Sync Lock.
  • Working with multiple video and audio tracks.
  • 4 point editing.
  • Full Screen Playback.
  • Working with Phantom Marks.


editing ii

  • Timeline Settings, Options, Zoom.
  • Refining the edit.
  • Editing in the Timeline.
  • The Smart Tool: moving, trimming, and extending clips with the mouse.
  • Extract and Lift.
  • Trim Mode.
  • Ripple and Roll Trim.
  • Asymmetrical trimming.
  • Trimming with the keyboard (big emphasis here!)
  • Dynamic Trimming, (and why it’s the best thing ever, and will improve your editing skills so much).
  • Slip and Slide Trimming.
  • Replace.
  • Fit to fill.
  • Match frame.



  • Editing from sequence to sequence.
  • From Source Monitor, copy and paste, copy to clipboard.
  • Multicamera Editing.
  • Setting up multicamera groups.
  • Multicamera mode.
  • Mastering keyboard shortcuts.


basic effects, audio, exporting

  • Basic Image Effects.
  • Effects Mode.
  • Frame Flex.
  • Audio Gain and Volume.
  • Video and Audio transitions.
  • Basic titles.
  • Re-linking to high quality media.
  • Render and Media Creation Settings.
  • Exporting Media.
  • Exporting Sequences to other programs, AAF’s.
  • Media Management operations.
  • The Media Tool.
  • Moving, copying, and consolidating media.
  • Project archive.

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