In the July - August issue of Cahiers du Cinéma (Spanish Edition), you can find a little text regarding the short movie I did during the events of the 15th of May in Madrid, Puerta del Sol, also known as the Spanish Revolution: Video-Derives: Sol. The magazine has asked a group of filmmakers and collectives … Continue reading IN CAHIERS DU CINÉMA

Shuttle, Best Actor at Movil Film Fest 2010

Good news! Shuttle gest a new award: Best Actor at Movil Film Fest 2010, for actor Daniel Godino. Big thanks to the members of the Jury: José Luis Rebordinos, Ángel Sala, David Matamoros, Jean de Renesse, Paulo Hartmann, and Eric Lo. This award is a very nice thing for me, as actor Daniel Godino is … Continue reading Shuttle, Best Actor at Movil Film Fest 2010