First steps with DaVinci Resolve, Episode I: Databases, Projects.

Episode I of my guide ‘First Steps with DaVinci Resolve”. Learn how to work with databases and create projects!


Trust me! If you edit complicated video formats, specially in long form projects, you need to read all this! Learn how to easily convert complex media to something easier to play with.

Thinking the Edit! Film Editing Theory and Analysis. Live Online Seminar. Interview.

Thinking the Edit is back in September, this time as a Live Online Seminar. You can read the course program and register here. This is not a course to learn editing software (Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve). This workshop is about theory and creativity, and is designed to introduceContinue reading “Thinking the Edit! Film Editing Theory and Analysis. Live Online Seminar. Interview.”

Novedades DaVinci Resolve 16: pestaña Cut, una nueva forma de montar.

DaVcini Resolve 16 trae una nueva forma de montar con su pestaña Cut. Descubre en qué consiste este nuevo entorno de montaje, y en casos puede ser de gran utilidad.

Vídeo-Tutorial: Novedades DaVinci Resolve 16 – Múltiples Resoluciones de Timeline en mismo proyecto.

En este vídeo-tutorial gratuito os explico cómo trabajar con Timelines en diferentes resoluciones dentro de un mismo proyecto de DaVinci Resolve.