One Day Online Seminar: New Workflows and Color Tools in DaVinci Resolve 17.


You asked for this, and here it is!

I’m launching a One Day Online Seminar to show you the new workflows and color tools found in the fantastic DaVinci Resolve 17.

The Seminar will be on Friday June 18th, from 09:30 to 16:30 (Central European Time) and price is just 55 Euros.

The session will be 6 hours, with 1 hour lunch.

We will explore the new Color Management Settings, to easily handle color space transforms, and the additions to the Color Page: HDR (High Dynamic Range), Color Warper, and Magic Mask.

All, with extensive explanations and practical examples of how and when to use it all, and how the new tools compare with the classic ones you already know.

We will also take a look to some of the most welcome workflow improvements in version 17.

Because you might not have time to do a full 5 days DaVinci Resolve Workshop, this an opportunity to discover just what’s new, and catch-up with the new features.

I promise you: what you will discover will have and impact on how you grade your projects.

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How to register

To register, please fill the registration form, found here:

Price is 55 Euros, and payment is via bank transfer. If you need an alternative payment method (like Paypal) please write me at and let me know.

Right after registering, you will receive a mail with the account details and further instructions. Please note that your virtual seat is only fully booked after the payment is done.

Cancellation is possible, and you would get a full refund, if it’s notified 10 days before the start of the Seminar, the latest.

Who is this One Day Seminar for?

Anyone who is familiar with previous versions of DaVinci Resolve.

The Seminar is designed to give professionals an update of everything new when it comes to color in DaVinci Resolve 17, so you should have a basic understanding of the classic tools (Lift, Gamma, Gain, etc.) and the node system.

It is NOT necessary that you have joined any of my DaVinci Resolve Workshops. If you already grade with Resolve, what will do it.


  • The Seminar is in English, so English is a must.
  • A PC or Mac computer with the latest version of DaVinci Resolve 17 installed. The program can be download at no cost here.
  • Web-cam, microphone.

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The instructor

I’m an independent filmmaker, film professor, and editing and postproduction expert.

Since 2005, I teach courses, workshops and seminars all over Europe, in film schools, festivals, production companies, and other institutions: DOCMA, FilmArche Berlin, ESDIP-Berlin, MIZ-Babelsberg, Master-LAV, and many more.

My teaching method is very practical, precise, and structured, and I also make sure things are exciting and fun.

I have post-produced and graded lots of film projects: La Piedra (Víctor Moreno), Freedom to Kill the Other’s Children (David Varela), Armenoscope (Silvina der Meguerditchian)…

My movies as director have been shown in more than 40 international film festivals and venues: Cineteca Matadero, MUSAC, Alcine, Pragda New York…



  • Updates to the database system.
  • New Color Management Settings.
  • Understanding the new Color Managed Workflow and options.
  • The new DaVinci Wide Gammut Color Space.
  • Workflow improvements: new proxies, Timeline exchange, Render in Place.
  • The HDR palette. Understanding the zone system.
  • New HDR Vs. Classic Primaries. What’s the difference? When to use which?
  • Color Warper. 
  • Extensive gallery of examples where I will show you how much you can do with both HDR and Color Waper tools.
  • Magic Mask.
  • New OFX color effects.

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