Premiere Pro Berlin Workshop


Premiere Pro CC is one of the most powerful, flexible, and easy to use editing applications out there, and has become the standard editing software in independent filmmaking.

This is an intensive and very complete Workshop (20 hours): you’ll learn the fundamentals of the interface, importing and organising material, creating and refining edits, multicam, working with audio, working with effects and color correction, adding titles, and exporting for distribution.

Even if you already know the basics of Premiere Pro, this workshop will help you improve your skills, know the tools in depth, and edit faster and more confident.

Classes are in Spanish, and groups are very small (7-8 students maximum).

To know more, continue reading!


No previous experience is required.

Students must bring their own laptops (Mac or PC), with the latest version (ideally) of Premiere Pro installed. You can download a fully functional demo of the software here, and use it for seven days.

Video and audio contents to practice are provided by me.


  • Dates: December 10th to December 14th.
  • 10:00 to 14:00 (20 hours)
  • Price: 195 Euros.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Location: Betahaus
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +34 683 31 45 45


To register, please click here.

Payment is via bank transfer. Once you register, I will contact you to send you the payment details. If you wish to use any other payment method (Pay Pal, etc.), contact me.

Please, note that your seat is reserved only after payment.

Previous editions of my workshops have sold out. If you are interested, register as soon as possible!


I’m an independent filmmaker, film professor, and editing and postproduction expert.

I have years of experience as an editing instructor.

Since 2009, I teach courses, workshops and seminars all over Europe, in film schools, festivals, production companies, and other institutions: DOCMA, FilmArche Berlin, ESDIP-Berlin, MIZ-Babelsberg, Master-LAV, DocumentaMadrid, and many others…

My teaching method is very practical, precise, and structured, and I also make sure things are exciting and fun!

I have postproduced and graded lots of film projects: La Piedra (Víctor Moreno), Freedom to Kill the Other’s Children (David Varela), Armenoscope (Silvina der Meguerditchian)…

My movies as director have been shown in more than 40 international film festivals and venues: Cineteca Matadero, MUSAC, Alcine, Pragda New York…



Media formats, projects, organising your footage, basic editing

  • Media formats, explained.
  • Workflow.
  • Project creation, project settings.
  • Inter-face description: windows and workspaces.
  • Importing media. Media Browser. Ingest settings.
  • Media properties.
  • Video/Audio syncing.
  • Working with high end formats (4K and higher, RAW).
  • Proxie generation. Off-line, on-line workflow.
  • How to organise your footage.
  • Logging tools: bins, labels, sub-clips, markers, smart bins.
  • The metalogging workspace.
  • Keyboard commands.
  • Sequences: setting the right sequence settings.
  • Editing to sequences.
  • 3 point editing.
  • Overwrite, insert.
  • Practice.


Editing tools

  • The Edit workspace.
  • Editing video and audio only.
  • Multi-track editing.
  • Understanding Premiere Pro timeline settings.
  • Linked selection, snapping.
  • Trimming tools: how to move, delete and trim video and audio clips.
  • Grouping clips.
  • Fit to fill.
  • Keeping sync.
  • Track select, ripple edit, roll edit, slip and slide tools, razor tool, pen tool.
  • Trim window: trimming with precision.
  • Replace edit.
  • Editing from sequence to sequence.
  • Multicamera editing.
  • Practice.


Working with effects

  • The Effects workspace.
  • Types of effects.
  • Clip attributes: position, scale, rotation, opacity, blend modes.
  • Video animation: using keyframes to animate effect parameters.
  • Speed effects: constant and variable speed effects, re-timing quality (optical flow).
  • Video Effects: blurs, distort, stylise, Ultra-Key, stabilisation, grain, etc..
  • Managing effects: saving, copying, and removing effects and attributes.
  • Nesting clips.
  • Adjustment layers.
  • Masking effects.
  • Mask drawing tools.
  • Mask animation and tracking.
  • Color Correction: the Lumetri Panel.
  • Understanding Waveform and Vectorscope scopes.
  • How to color correct a sequence, step by step.
  • Transitions.
  • Practice.


Working with sound

  • The Audio workspace.
  • Editing sound: dialogue, music, sound FX.
  • Audio multi-channel configuration.
  • Sound mixing: step by step sound mixing of your sequence.
  • Audio keyframes.
  • Levels, pan.
  • Clip Mixer, Track Mixer.
  • Essential Sound Panel.
  • Audio repair and enhance: cleaning your not so good audio.
  • EQ.
  • Audio FX: limiters, distortions, reverbs.
  • Practice.


Tittles and subtitles.

  • The Essential Graphics workspace.
  • Adding tittles, subtitles.

Mastering, exporting, media management.

  • Building your master sequence.
  • Premiere Pro as a finishing tool.
  • Relinking to high quality media.
  • Sequence settings, rendering, high quality options.
  • How to choose the right format and codec: DNxHR, Apple ProRes, Cineform.
  • Exporting formats, explained.
  • Exporting a master.
  • Exporting for distribution (Internet, devices).
  • Exporting using Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Exporting audio to Pro Tools.
  • Exporting to DaVinci Resolve for finishing (XML).
  • Project Manager: how to move, copy or transcode media, for archiving or workflow purposes, based on your master sequence.
  • Premiere Pro Settings.
  • Final Q&A.

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