DaVinci Resolve Workshop in Babelsberg.

Few weeks ago, I was invited to do a DaVinci Resolve workshop at MIZ-Babelsberg. It was a cool experience, with cool students, in a really interesting institution. Quite close to Berlin, Babelsberg is also where one the oldest film studios are. I had the opportunity to have a look to them, so, double the pleasure! … Continue reading DaVinci Resolve Workshop in Babelsberg.

Video Editing with Premiere Pro, ESDIP-Berlin.

In collaboration with the Art School ESDIP-Berlin, I just did an intensive Video Editing with Premiere Pro workshop. This was an introduction workshop to the fantastic Premiere Pro, and we had a great group of students and professionals with different backgrounds. I always like a lot to teach at ESDIP-Berlin. It's such a cool space, … Continue reading Video Editing with Premiere Pro, ESDIP-Berlin.